Civet Magazine Packs! 1 & 2!

Just ADDED 2 Separate Magazine Packs to the store! They ship for $5 flat rate US / $13 International! Only a few of each pack available! Click HERE!





Civet: Graceland back in Stock!


Graceland is now back in stock in the Viva Bandita Store! I released this in 2001 (or NYE 2000 if you want to get technical) on my own indie label “PrincesSmut Records”. Straight Outta Long Beach, this record is sure a handful! Make sure you get a copy before I decide against selling them ha ha… Anyway, recorded at LoveJuice Labratories by myself, Carmen Cappetta & my stepdad (Steve!)….We gave “Brenz” credit on the drums for the sake of making us an “all girl band” at the time, but it’s definitely my step dad behind that kit, and YES, I AM wearing a tiara on the cover. I was 16? 17? and I rocked it… ha ha…

Not available on iTunes!

*Bonus* All album artwork by me as well! 😉



Civet Massacre Poster Pack / Nihilism AD



Hey guys! In the process of adding EVEN MORE ol’ school Civet stuff in the store right now! Check out this ad pack from the 2005 days when we shot with Tim Armstrong for Nihilism  clothing long before we were even on Hellcat Records! The poster was the official tour poster from MASSACRE – we went on to only use these posters on ONE TOUR with The Duane Peters Gunfight & the River City Rebels in 2005 out to Texas and back. Our first real tour, and we really barely made it! Ha ha! I have quite a few of these and they are priced to sell at $7.99 plus shipping (US $5 & International $13!)






33RPM Necklace Collection is here!

Hey everyone! Just got home from a long night at work (yes, I work! No, it’s totally not cool…ok, maybe kinda cool…but it’s still work, sigh) and I was determined to get these necklaces rocking in the store tonight! THEY ARE LIVE! There is only one of each because I handmade these myself in a form of collage art/rock n’ roll jewelry fashioning. There are some crazy tools involved & hours of love & maybe even a little bit of magic! Each necklace is a small piece of artwork from yours truly…Annnnnd since I was never any good at painting (but I could make a DAMN GOOD FLIER!) this is one of the things I love to channel my energy into!
BONUS: I know times are tough so we are running a special on shipping this weekend only – FREE SHIPPING IN THE US!
Liza Graves
Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 11.39.07 PM

Vinyl Necklaces – COMING THIS WEEKEND!

Vinyl Necklaces - COMING THIS WEEKEND!

New Collection of Vinyl Collage Necklaces Coming THIS WEEKEND! There will be FREE shipping on all necklaces purchased Saturday & Sunday!!! Order fast to get the design you want + FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY!)

xo Liza

P.S. MASSACRE copies are all SOLD OUT! Thanks to everyone who added one to their Civet Collection!!

Sony Japan HHNF CD

Hey Guys! I got such and amazing overwhelming response to listing Massacre, that I’m going to put up a few more collectors items in the next few days for some of you die hards!

This CD was put out on Sony Japan (via Hellcat) in time for our amazing Japan tour we did with Flogging Molly and the Street Dogs! It was one of the best tours I’ve ever done and I love telling people all about how amazing Japan was to us. I have a copy or two of this for myself, but it would be nice to send the others off to collectors! New & never opened with all kinds of good stuff about us on the cover that I can’t read 😛


Liza Graves

Below is the CD and some pics of us in Japan! xo


japan promo shot 1