You can come back baby cause rock n’ roll never forgets.


Our wedding up at Lake Tahoe (August 2012)

It’s been an amazing last few years for me. I took a small step back from music to venture into an uncharted frontier- to begin a family. Christian and I moved to Reno, I finished my AA degree then started at University, we bought a rental property and I gave birth to Dakota. Five years goes by fast, huh? While I kept most of those early baby days to myself it wasn’t because I didn’t want to share the news with the world. I just selfishly wanted all those kisses, smiles and firsts all to myself and my fam…


Yes, I live here. I love it!



It took a while for me to come back to music. Even when I did I was cautious about sharing things too soon. It was a long run with Civet (15+) years since I had the luxury of saying when it is over, but I desperately needed a break. From. It. All. Living in Los Angeles was so fast paced compared to the rest of the world. I would go out on tour and then come home and crash. It took me many moments of personal reflection to sync up the person I was in the band with the person who was inside of me. Good news! They were ultimately the same person!

FullSizeRender (9)

I plan on sharing some of my music very soon…you can also always hold out for a Civet reunion. Suz is my sister for peets sake, so she can’t go very far! Could be a possibility?! When you play music with a group of people for so long there is a closeness you feel, just like sisters as you create and explore the world and experience things no one will understand. I always thought of band life as one big inside joke. Hopefully, through playing music again in a wider range of settings I can channel that “flow” that feels so good. That feeling that we all hope to attain that doesn’t come from a 9-5 or a ton of money, but ultimately creating more than we consume. Music is the epitome of that for me!

The last few years were what I needed to breathe and grow into myself as a person outside the spotlight. I appreciate each and every one of you that has supported the band over the years and had kind things to say. Hell, I even appreciate the people with unkind things to say! It made me work a little harder! Here’s a few pics of the fam & things I’ve been loving on the last few years! Talk soon friends!

xo- Liza


Civet: Graceland back in stock!


Graceland is now back in stock in the Civet Store ( ! I released this in 2001 (or NYE 2000 if you want to get technical) on my own indie label “PrincesSmut Records”. Straight Outta Long Beach, this record is sure a handful! Make sure you get a copy before I decide against selling them ha ha… Anyway, recorded at LoveJuice Laboratories by myself, Carmen Cappetta & my stepdad (Steve!)….We gave “Brenz” credit on the drums for the sake of making us an “all girl band” at the time, but it’s definitely my step-dad behind that kit, and YES, I AM wearing a tiara on the cover. I was 16? 17? and I rocked it… ha ha…

Not available on iTunes!

*Bonus* All album artwork by me as well! 😉



Civet Massacre Poster / Nihilism AD



Hey guys! In the process of sharing EVEN MORE old school Civet stuff! Check out this ad from the 2005 days when we shot with Tim Armstrong for Nihilism clothing long before we were even on Hellcat Records! The poster was the official tour poster from MASSACRE – we went on to only use these posters on ONE TOUR with The Duane Peters Gunfight & the River City Rebels in 2005 out to Texas and back. Our first real tour, and we really barely made it! Ha ha!






Sony Japan HHNF CD

Hey Guys! I got such and amazing overwhelming response to listing Massacre, that I’m going to put up a few more collectors items in the next few days for some of you die hards!

This CD was put out on Sony Japan (via Hellcat) in time for our amazing Japan tour we did with Flogging Molly and the Street Dogs! It was one of the best tours I’ve ever done and I love telling people all about how amazing Japan was to us. I have a copy or two of this for myself, but it would be nice to send the others off to collectors! New & never opened with all kinds of good stuff about us on the cover that I can’t read 😛

xo- Liza

Below is the CD and some pics of us in Japan! xo


japan promo shot 1


Massacre IN STOCK!

Hey Guys! I am breaking open the good ol’ CIVET vault in order to clear out some of the multiple copies I have of things! I found 3 PROMO copies of MASSACRE in a CD sleeve and 2 FULL shrinkwrapped NEW copies. We will NEVER repress this. Out on DISASTER RECORDS 2005. You can buy it on iTunes, but I know some collectors like the real deal! I always loved seeing copies of this going on eBay for $50 plus bucks! If I had repressed it, this CD probably never would have got to THAT point, but supply and demand ya know!
Anyway! A little history for you! Below are a few mock ups of artwork that DUANE PETERS did for the 7 inch we recorded prepping for this record. We never used them, but it’s cool to see a fellow artists artwork! This was the very first record my sister Suzi and I wrote together. She was 15 and I was 20! The previous records I wrote solo or with whoever was in the band. As you can see the line-up was ever changing….this Jackie wasn’t the Jacqui from Hell Hath No Fury….and Brenz was only in the band for another few months, but went on to have success with THE LAST GANG. I thought I would post this pic so you guys could see how LITTLE we were during this time!
We recorded for a week in January (one week!!!!!) and it was raining the whole fucking time. I was homeless and couchsurfing (also another trait of musicians!) and it was a bad time for me. This record was all I had, and I think that comes through beautifully!
Liza Graves

Making Over Molly Indie Film Love

Please help support my friend & pinup-turned-Director Heidi Van Horne fund her latest film “Making Over Molly“! We we’re lucky to help with the soundtrack on her “Fit To Rock” exercise video which you should totally pick up if you don’t already have it!!! (Who doesn’t want to sweat it out to some CIVET?) Her latest project is going to inject some strong female presence into the film festivals….who wouldn’t want to say they were a part of that!? So if you are a pinup fan, or a car lover, or even a Coca Cola drinker head on over to the link below & check out the perks for donating!!!!! That’s right, you actually GET SOMETHING for donating!!!

Click to help! Making Over Molly!


Here’s a fun “back in the day” pick!!!
 Civet with Amie Nicole & Heidi Van Horne for the Fit To Rock DVD Release